Online Spread Betting in Australia

Online Spread Betting in Australia

The financial markets offered by some online bookmakers that welcome Kiwi punters allow for a type of betting known as spread betting. Punters bet on the movement of particular assets or markets.

Punters’ bets do not go anywhere near the markets concerned. There is no buying of shares or investing or anything of that nature. Punters can think of it as being similar to sports betting, except certain assets or markets are the players, not athletes.

How Spread Betting Works

Spread betting requires punters to bet on whether a specific market, asset, or index will rise or fall. The punter’s winnings or loss depends not only on whether or not the market or asset bet on increases or decreases, but also on by how much.

Basically, if the punter bets that the market will increase, known as going long, and the market does increase, the punter’s winnings will increase the higher the market rises. If, however, the market falls, the degree of that fall determines the punter’s loss.

If the punter bets that the market will fall, and the market does fall, the punter wins the bet. In this case, their winnings depend on the degree by which the market fell.

Online Spread Betting for NZ$

Even though punters are not buying shares or foreign exchange or other assets when spread online betting, they are betting real money, which means winning bets pay out real money.

Online bookmakers that offer financial markets also provide encrypted banking services, so punters can deposit real money into their accounts before placing their bets. Punters are also able to withdraw winnings from their accounts.

Credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and direct bank transfers are some of the payment methods that punters in Australia can use at most online bookmakers.

Where Spread Betting Happens

Many online bookmakers offer punters spread betting on financial markets, which are often listed among or next to their sports markets. There are also firms that specialise in spread betting, and offer punters nothing but betting on financial markets.

Due to the risk of fraud, punters should do their betting at licensed online bookmakers. In many cases, licenses are issued or renewed on an annual basis, following an assessment by the licensing authority, which is usually a national or territorial gaming commission.

Licensing information is usually displayed at the bottom of the home page, as well as on the About Us and FAQ pages. Some bookmakers display their license number and its date of issue at the bottom of every webpage.

Spread Betting Points of Interest

While the number of financial markets available at Australia’s online bookmakers varies, punters are usually able to find a large number. Among them are indices, commodities, options, interest rates, foreign exchange, and others.

Spread betting online is fairly simple. One punters have selected their chosen market, they indicate the size of the bet they are placing, and whether they think the market will rise or fall. The bet slip is then submitted and confirmed.

Some online bookmakers offer betting on 24-hour markets.

The Best Sports Betting Sites 

The Best Sports Betting Sites 

Kiwis opting for sports betting sites have the freedom to select from a multiplicity of online domains.

With the New Zealand government regulating all forms of land based sports betting through the New Zealand Racing Board, which manages a number of TAB facilities, online sports betting sites are free from discrimination.

This allows punters from New Zealand to sign up with a vast array of online sports betting sites, making the quality of sports bets available in New Zealand world leading and aggressively competitive.

The Power Of The Internet

The Internet has developed into a multi tasking super tool that facilitates nearly all forms of communication, trade and industry, business solutions and incredible dynamism, which has propelled the world into a market space that is accessible by nearly every global territory.

Punters in quest of sports wagering will be delighted by online sports betting sites.

The shear amount of betting markets and sporting disciplines available to punters from New Zealand have revolutionized the sports betting market, allowing for lucrative wagers on local and international markets that were previously region locked.

The Sports

Online sports betting websites offer punters in New Zealand a dynamic assortment of sports betting markets.

All major local and international events are covered by online sports betting sites. The sports markets covered by sports betting sites include rugby league, cricket, soccer, football, tennis, golf, hockey, volleyball, tennis, handball, badminton, winter sports, the Olympics, horse racing, grey hound racing and other niche and relatively new sports disciplines such as eSports.

With the demand for online sports betting sites growing, punters in New Zealand can access all of the above sports markets and many more from inside the country completely legally.

With new disciplines constantly added to the mix, kiwis can expect a large system update to all existing sports betting sites.

Spread It Out

Punters in New Zealand will find that many sports betting sites offer various odds and disciplines. If you are new to online sports betting sites you should consider signing up with an assortment of sports betting sites in order to access the best odds on your chosen discipline.

Managing a rich selection of sports betting sites will allow you to ascertain the very best quality sports bets available in New Zealand.

More Play Better Rewards

Nearly all-online NZ sports betting sites will provide new players with some form of welcome bonus. These welcome rewards vary from site to site and provide you with extra playing time credits.

Welcome bonuses can be issued as free bets or doubled up odds. These kinds of rewards are an initial booster and yield no long term playing time.

Betting consistently, by wagering smart and playing the more valuable odds will ultimately yield the most beneficial results.

Mobile Acceleration

The mobile market has seen acceleration and unprecedented growth in the last five years. Online sports betting sites accommodate punters in New Zealand by offering a selection of dedicated apps that can be downloaded for Android and IOS.

These apps have nearly exact functionality to that of the traditional online sports betting sites. With some important features even more functional on mobile, sports betting sites are developing more accessible platforms at a rapid rate.

The money line bet explained

The Money Line Bet Explained

The money line bet appears to be the simplest type of bet and is definitely one most beginners choose because all it entails is predicting the winner. A slightly more involved bet is the point spread bet where the winner is predicted along with the points that the winner wins by and from there the bets become more complex but not too difficult once they are understood. Continue reading “The money line bet explained”

What an accumulator bet is

Accumulator Bets Explained

An accumulator bet is a type of bet that includes four or more bet selections. In order for the accumulator bet to qualify as an accumulator and win, all of the four or more bet selections chosen on must win. Only then will a pay out occur. It only takes one of the bet selections losing to lose the entire bet but if won, the pay-out is potentially huge.  Continue reading “What an accumulator bet is”

Cycling World Track Championships

Cycling World Track Championships in Netherlands

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are coming to the Netherlands, and will be held at Omnisport Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Since the Great Britain Cycling Team’s track success at London 2012, when they took home nine medals, major sessions at Track World Cup events in the UK have been very fast sell outs. This World Track Championships will be a thrilling event that should not be missed as the best cyclists in the world return to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, battling for the famous rainbow jerseys and the last qualifying points on offer for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The staging of the world championships in the Lee Valley VeloPark at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will see the world’s best riders return to the venue which hosted track cycling at London 2012. For the worlds’ top cyclists, it will be a chance to compete for the much-coveted rainbow jerseys awarded to world champions. For fans, it is a chance to watch sporting history made and experience the famous velodrome roar which lifted British riders to an amazing nine Olympic medals. For sports online betting aficionados, it will be a dream event with many events and competitors attracting some mouth-watering odds. You should consider reading up on some betting tips before getting started.

Publicity and Aims of the Event

Speaking of today’s confirmation, British Cycling’s cycle sport and membership director Jonny Clay said that the appetite for top-level international racing has rarely been higher in the UK, and British Cycling as well as the Union Cycliste Internationale confirmed their excitement at hosting the event and that the dates for the 2016 UCI World Track Cycling Championships are confirmed as the March 2 to 6, 2016.

Forming part of UK Sport’s major events programme, which aims to bring 70 world class events to this country by 2019, the track championships will also be a great opportunity for the public to show their support for Great Britain’s cyclists in the final stage of the Olympic qualification process on the road to Rio 2016. For National Lottery funded British Cycling athletes, the event will be the final milestone on the countdown to the Rio Olympics, providing an inspirational send off for the British riders as well as a morale boosting opportunity to perform in front of a home crowd.

International Cycling in General

The Union Cycliste Internationale is the world governing body for cycling recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The UCI’s mission is to develop and promote cycling, in close collaboration with National Federations, as a competitive sport, as a healthy recreational activity or as a means of transport. The UCI governs the eight disciplines of the sport of cycling: road, track, mountain bike, cyclo-cross, BMX, trials, indoor and para.

Four of them are represented at the Olympic Games (road, track, mountain bike and BMX), two at the Paralympic Games (road, track) and three at the Youth Olympic Games (road, mountain bike and BMX). Additionally the UCI promotes a number of its own events, including the UCI Road World Championships, an iconic annual event, and a wide range of other UCI World Championships and World Cups across the various disciplines.

All the Best Sports for Betting for Punters in Canada

Best Sports Betting for Punters in Canada

Sport is big business in Canada, and while all our maple-leafed punters will be able to wax lyrical about Ice Hockey and Lacrosse, we are here to give you some good news: you don’t have to be limited to just these favourites with online sports betting.

One of the greatest advantages to participating in online sports betting is that the market is blown wide open with incredible betting opportunities, and you can place wagers on virtually any sport that your heart desires. Not all online sportsbooks accept wagers from Canada, but there are plenty of excellent options for those betting in CAD.

More than Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey and Lacrosse are widely considered to be the national sports of Canada, and while these sports are incredibly thrilling to watch, most punters want a bit more variety when it comes to sports betting. With online sports betting, you won’t be limited to only placing wagers on sports that are played in Canada, and if you’re a fan of football, basketball or soccer you’ll find plenty of betting opportunities – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The National Football League (NFL) is incredibly popular with punters worldwide, and top-ranked sports betting sites offer a fantastic variety of wagers throughout the 17 week season. If you’re not a fan of football and prefer basketball instead, there are always brilliant betting opportunities to take advantage of with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Of course, the National Hockey League (NHL), the premier Ice Hockey league in the world, will always offer exhilarating wagers to suit all punters, and matches never disappoint in the action department.

A Massive Variety of Wagers

Since punters in Canada aren’t limited to just betting on fan-favourites sports in the country, they will be able to enjoy a handsome variety of wagers on just about any sport. The best online bookmaker will be divided up by sport, which makes finding your favourite for wagers quick and easy. Once you’ve decided which sport to wager on, take a look at the variety of bets available, and get to know how odds work to ensure you are getting back the best return on your investment.

Fortunately for punters in Canada, there is no need to only wager on only one online sportsbook, and it’s recommended that you have accounts at more than one, in order to better shop the odds. Signing up to multiple sportsbooks will also see you receiving more than one sign up bonus, which can really take your sports betting to the next level.

Finding the Best Online Sportsbook

We are living in the golden age of online sports betting, and this means there is a huge variety of online sportsbooks to choose from for punters in Canada. However, it’s important to remember that not all sportsbooks are created equal, and they are not all worth your time and money.

A simple search for an online sportsbook for Canada will yield an incredible amount of choice, but don’t settle for the first one you come across. Online sportsbook review sites exist for this very reason – to assist punters in selecting the best and avoiding the blacklist worthy sites. Do your research and weigh up the advantages of different sportsbooks, but if the choice remains difficult, there is no reason to decide on just one. Signing up to multiple sites will better increase your chances of winning, as you will have an even wider range of wagers to choose from.


Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting Advantages

Cell phone technology has improved considerably over the years.  Gone are the days of bulky mobile phones which could only be used for making calls and sending texts.  Mobile phones now have almost, if not all, the capabilities of a computer.  Bettors can now install a range of betting applications on their phones as opposed to normal gaming online or offline gaming.  There are a number of reasons that New Zealand bettors are making the change to mobile betting. Continue reading “Mobile Betting”

Best Free Bets Online

Enjoy Online Table Games Action with the Best Free Bets

Classic table games and card games have been associated with high rolling players for decades. While huge amounts of money do change hands over games tables, players can enjoy these games at top quality online and mobile casinos without spending a cent!

The best free bets offers made by these recommended sites can be used on a range of games such as Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette. Players who claim these offers can place bets, build hands of cards, guess dice game rolls or wheel pockets, and enjoy bonus features as they experience the ultimate in online table games for free.

Different Free Bets

Players looking to enjoy no cost online table games action should find a range of free bet offers made by different sites. The best free bets are usually in the form of either No Deposit bonuses or trial games, which players can enjoy across a range of platforms.

Many top online and Canadian mobile casinos use No Deposit bonuses to attract new players and to give them a taste of what the site has to offer. When players claim the bonus, usually once they’ve signed up as players at that site, the online casino will give them an amount of bonus money for free.

Players will not need to fund an account before the bonus is awarded. These bonuses are limited, and once finished, players would need to make a deposit to continue playing or to withdraw their winnings.

Another popular way in which the best free bets are offered is through trial versions of games. These are usually listed with their real money counterparts, although some online and mobile casinos may list them on a separate page.

Playing these games is as simple as selecting the relevant free play game option. The game will launch with a predetermined amount of credits or number of free bets and players can enjoy thrilling action and entertainment.

Huge Selection of Games

Given that top software developers power these recommended online and mobile casinos, it is no surprise that they offer players an impressive selection of table games, card games, specialty games, and much more.

Players who use the best free bets to play at these sites will find classic editions of games alongside more recent variations and innovations. These games feature advanced 3D graphics, state of the art sound effects, dazzling special effects, easily navigable interfaces, and much more.

Among the games players can enjoy at no cost when at home, on a break at work, or on the go, include Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Poker, Pontoon, Red Dog, Roulette, Sic Bo, Vegas Three Card Rummy, Video Poker, and many more.

Get Set Up for Play

Players who claim the best free bets offered by top online and mobile casinos can enjoy intense gaming action on PC and mobile device.

Before launching games and playing for fun, players need to choose whether they want to play using download or no download options.

The options for desktop and laptop include downloading free casino software, or playing no download Flash games in browser. Smartphone and tablet options include downloading apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, or playing no download Flash games in browser.

Your Guide To Handicap Betting

Your Guide to Handicap Betting

Handicap betting adds excitement to points based sports betting and is common on many major sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis and so on. It is quite common to find handicap betting in racing type of sports, especially horse racing.

As a bettor in Canada you will find many top rated online sports betting NZ sites that cater for handicap betting on all your favourite sports. If you are a beginner to sports betting or even simply to handicap betting, it is vital that you have a solid understanding of what handicap betting is and how it works because interpreting the odds is key to effective betting.

The Importance of Understanding Handicaps

Before placing any handicap bets you must have a good understanding of what they entail and what is on offer. Some sports have a larger point spread which means there are multiple types and options for handicap bets.

This type of betting is designed to allow the online sports betting sites to make a profit while bettors still have the opportunity of winning. It is never as simple as betting on the favourites or the underdogs because the odds calculated between the two teams are considered.

Some teams may have equal odds of winning which will result in the away team gaining the extra points and the home being handicapped.

What a Handicap Bet Is

Handicap bets were created by bookmakers to even out point scores and give a wider range for betting and allow the underdogs an opportunity to be bet on. When it is clear that one team is favoured by a large margin over the other team, the online sports betting site will allow handicap bets which essentially give the underdog a head start. This is done to prevent every bettor from betting on one side of the fence.

These extra points given to the underdogs are calculated into the final point score, which can lead to you winning regardless of whether the team won the game.

An example of this is placing a 0-3 handicap bet on a game between team one and team two. At the end of the game the point score is 2-0 which is results in a score of 2-3 with the handicap bet taken into account. If you had bet on team two to win then you win the bet because their ultimate score is higher.

How Handicap Bet Pay Outs Work

Canadian bettors, whether beginners or experts, will typically be paid out the same amounts regardless of whether team one or team two was bet on. The pay outs are paid according to what the final score and the handicap score is and what the value of the bet is.

This is unlike other types of bets such as money line bets which pay out significantly less than the bet when betting on the favourites and significantly more than the bet when betting on the underdog.

Handicap betting does however become quite involved and complex so it is wise to do all you can to increase your winning chances so that you can enjoy a pay out.