Davis Cup

International Davis Cup Tennis Sports Betting Online

There are quite a few international tennis tournaments held throughout the calendar year of tennis activity and each of them carry a unique and well defined history as well as a unique structure and roster of participants. With the tournament in question, which is the Davis Cup, the competition is between international teams in what is often regarded as the world cup of tennis. Like other international sports this understandably attracts a fair bit of attention as many different nations all over the planet assemble groups of top players to go and compete for the pride of their nations. Overall it is quite a heated contest on the international stage.  Continue reading “Davis Cup”

Sports betting MasterCard

Online South African Punters Should Consider MasterCard

With all of the advantages that online sports betting has in comparison to its offline counterpart, it’s fast becoming the first choice for many punters in South Africa and across the rest of the globe. You can choose from a much broader range of markets, it’s much more economical and the convenience of being able to play anytime and anywhere is fantastic in today’s busy world. The spectacular bonuses and superior odds that betting sites use to entice you make every visit more rewarding.

With such great promotions and big potential payouts, choosing how to manage your online punting finances is just as important as deciding where to bet. You need a system that is trustworthy, and also very simple to use. When this is in place you can relax and focus on placing winning wagers, so it’s really worthwhile researching as many options as you can. As you’re considering online transaction systems for sports betting MasterCard is one option that should be on your shortlist.

How it Works Online

MasterCard has be trusted by millions of clients with offline transactions for years, and has proven just as efficient and reliable for online transfers. You can use credit, debit or prepaid cards with the same easy process, and with competitive banking fees in each case. Many betting sites actually encourage you to use your MasterCard, because it benefits them too, with lucrative exclusive bonuses. You can actually save money and boost your bankroll when you use this system!

To begin the straightforward process, you need to navigate to your chosen online bookmaker’s cashier interface, and choose the Deposit or Withdrawal option. A drop-down menu will then appear, and one of the options will be MasterCard. You need to click on this, and when you do this for the first time at any South African betting site you’ll need to take some time to fill in all your details, including your card number if you’re using a credit card. This will all be saved, so that future transfers are completed very efficiently with the magic of AutoFill. At this point all that’s left for you to do is enter the amount you want to transfer. Your funds will be available to you almost immediately, which is very convenient.

Safety and Support Online

Banking security is an important question for every serious punter, and those using MasterCard can trust that they’re in good hands. Many people are understandably wary of card fraud and identity theft, but the cutting-edge SSL Data Encryption used for every transaction safeguards against this. This technology was specifically developed to protect online transfers, and is the gold standard throughout the industry today. Studies have actually found that your funds are as safe with this encryption as if they were never online in the first place! The high standards of customer support that offline MasterCard users have always enjoyed are also available to online users, and the efficient agents should be able to get you back to your bets in no time.

Make a Careful Decision

MasterCard has many advantages and is a strong banking option for serious punters in South Africa, but it shouldn’t be your only one. Check out other methods and see how they compare. Stay in control of your finances and make an empowered choice. You can also give horse betting a try at any of the https://australianbettingsites.net.au/horse/ sites.

Online Spread Betting in Australia

Online Spread Betting in Australia

The financial markets offered by some online bookmakers that welcome Kiwi punters allow for a type of betting known as spread betting. Punters bet on the movement of particular assets or markets.

Punters’ bets do not go anywhere near the markets concerned. There is no buying of shares or investing or anything of that nature. Punters can think of it as being similar to sports betting, except certain assets or markets are the players, not athletes.

How Spread Betting Works

Spread betting requires punters to bet on whether a specific market, asset, or index will rise or fall. The punter’s winnings or loss depends not only on whether or not the market or asset bet on increases or decreases, but also on by how much.

Basically, if the punter bets that the market will increase, known as going long, and the market does increase, the punter’s winnings will increase the higher the market rises. If, however, the market falls, the degree of that fall determines the punter’s loss.

If the punter bets that the market will fall, and the market does fall, the punter wins the bet. In this case, their winnings depend on the degree by which the market fell.

Online Spread Betting for NZ$

Even though punters are not buying shares or foreign exchange or other assets when spread online betting, they are betting real money, which means winning bets pay out real money.

Online bookmakers that offer financial markets also provide encrypted banking services, so punters can deposit real money into their accounts before placing their bets. Punters are also able to withdraw winnings from their accounts.

Credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and direct bank transfers are some of the payment methods that punters in Australia can use at most online bookmakers.

Where Spread Betting Happens

Many online bookmakers offer punters spread betting on financial markets, which are often listed among or next to their sports markets. There are also firms that specialise in spread betting, and offer punters nothing but betting on financial markets.

Due to the risk of fraud, punters should do their betting at licensed online bookmakers. In many cases, licenses are issued or renewed on an annual basis, following an assessment by the licensing authority, which is usually a national or territorial gaming commission.

Licensing information is usually displayed at the bottom of the home page, as well as on the About Us and FAQ pages. Some bookmakers display their license number and its date of issue at the bottom of every webpage.

Spread Betting Points of Interest

While the number of financial markets available at Australia’s online bookmakers varies, punters are usually able to find a large number. Among them are indices, commodities, options, interest rates, foreign exchange, and others.

Spread betting online is fairly simple. One punters have selected their chosen market, they indicate the size of the bet they are placing, and whether they think the market will rise or fall. The bet slip is then submitted and confirmed.

Some online bookmakers offer betting on 24-hour markets.

The Best Sports Betting Sites 

The Best Sports Betting Sites 

Kiwis opting for sports betting sites have the freedom to select from a multiplicity of online domains.

With the New Zealand government regulating all forms of land based sports betting through the New Zealand Racing Board, which manages a number of TAB facilities, online sports betting sites are free from discrimination.

This allows punters from New Zealand to sign up with a vast array of online sports betting sites, making the quality of sports bets available in New Zealand world leading and aggressively competitive.

The Power Of The Internet

The Internet has developed into a multi tasking super tool that facilitates nearly all forms of communication, trade and industry, business solutions and incredible dynamism, which has propelled the world into a market space that is accessible by nearly every global territory.

Punters in quest of sports wagering will be delighted by online sports betting sites.

The shear amount of betting markets and sporting disciplines available to punters from New Zealand have revolutionized the sports betting market, allowing for lucrative wagers on local and international markets that were previously region locked.

The Sports

Online sports betting websites offer punters in New Zealand a dynamic assortment of sports betting markets.

All major local and international events are covered by online sports betting sites. The sports markets covered by sports betting sites include rugby league, cricket, soccer, football, tennis, golf, hockey, volleyball, tennis, handball, badminton, winter sports, the Olympics, horse racing, grey hound racing and other niche and relatively new sports disciplines such as eSports.

With the demand for online sports betting sites growing, punters in New Zealand can access all of the above sports markets and many more from inside the country completely legally.

With new disciplines constantly added to the mix, kiwis can expect a large system update to all existing sports betting sites.

Spread It Out

Punters in New Zealand will find that many sports betting sites offer various odds and disciplines. If you are new to online sports betting sites you should consider signing up with an assortment of sports betting sites in order to access the best odds on your chosen discipline.

Managing a rich selection of sports betting sites will allow you to ascertain the very best quality sports bets available in New Zealand.

More Play Better Rewards

Nearly all-online NZ sports betting sites will provide new players with some form of welcome bonus. These welcome rewards vary from site to site and provide you with extra playing time credits.

Welcome bonuses can be issued as free bets or doubled up odds. These kinds of rewards are an initial booster and yield no long term playing time.

Betting consistently, by wagering smart and playing the more valuable odds will ultimately yield the most beneficial results.

Mobile Acceleration

The mobile market has seen acceleration and unprecedented growth in the last five years. Online sports betting sites accommodate punters in New Zealand by offering a selection of dedicated apps that can be downloaded for Android and IOS.

These apps have nearly exact functionality to that of the traditional online sports betting sites. With some important features even more functional on mobile, sports betting sites are developing more accessible platforms at a rapid rate.

World Track Championships

Betting on World Track Championships

There are many sporting events that sports bettors may choose to bet on. Some of these include team sports, such as soccer and cricket, while others may include individual sports, such as tennis, golf, or running.

The World Track Championships fall into the latter running category, with sports bettors most commonly placing their bets on who they think will win a specific race. Here sports bettors can choose to bet on known legends, such as Usain Bolt, or on rising stars that have yet to win their big race.

However, sports bettors choosing to bet on events such as the World Track Championships may also bet on numerous other events or elements. For example, some online bookies may open up the bets on world records, and sport bettors will be able to bet on whether or not they think a new world record will be set. Alternatively, sports bettors may decide to bet on what type of race a particular athlete may win, such as the 100m or 200m races. Sometimes sports bettors will also find online bookies that offer much more diverse bets, such as certain titles being awarded.

Regardless what sports bettors end up betting on, there are certain strategies to keep in mind to ensure that sports betting remains a profitable or, at least, less risky practice.

Betting on Major Events

Sports bettors choosing to bet on an event such as the World Track Championships already have this point covered. By choosing to bet on a major sporting event, sports bettors can in some way ensure that the athletes they are betting on are giving their utmost. Major events have far more prestige attached to them than smaller events, and athletes are far more likely to give larger events their full attention, often using smaller events as mere training ground. In addition, larger sporting events such as the World Track Championships often attract far more lucrative bets, making the actual live online betting scenario far more exciting than smaller less-popular sporting events.

Know Where the Event is Played

An event that moves cities and even continents with each annual championship can be difficult to decipher in figuring out who to bet on. This is because some leading athletes perform differently on their home ground than they do in a different setting, often purely because of geographical differences such as height above sea level. Sports bettors will then need to consider, firstly, where the event is being hosted and, secondly, how different athletes perform in different territories. Here it is important to be familiar with athletes and know at least some history of their track events and past wins and losses.

If the event is held on home ground, sports bettors can be confident in going for the athletes they have found do best on home ground or do best overall. If the event is held in a foreign country, sports bettors need to re-assess to consider how their favourite athletes do on foreign ground and, if it is a less profitable result, they would need to consider other athletes on whom to place their bets.

By looking not only at payer’s individual times but also at their track record, sports bettors can place more accurate bets.

Masters betting predictions

2016 Masters Betting Predictions

There are many golf tournaments held throughout the year. Professionals are constantly competing in the ever changing sport. However as any sport, there are certain times to bet where the community is at its biggest. The main tournaments are generally referred to as the four majors. These include the Masters Tournament, which takes place in April, the US open, held in June, the Open Championship, which makes its way in July, and the PGA Championship, which is in August. All of these are huge tournaments, and perfect for betting purposes. And with the help of online and mobile betting, all punters can take get into the game. All from the comfort of home.

The Current Season and 2016 Masters

The PGA Tour regular season concluded at the TOUR Championship in late September and Jordan Spieth captured the FedEx Cup, golf’s version of the playoffs. Spieth was listed as the 5/1 betting favorite to repeat at Augusta in early August but the odds have changed after Jason Day won three tournaments. Day, Spieth and Rory McIlroy are all listed as 8/1 co-favorites to win the 2016 Masters.

For those bettors interested in backing big names, you can still make an investment in veteran golfer Phil Mickelson (35/1). Tiger Woods, who just had back surgery and is ‘questionable’ to play the first major of the 2016 season has odds at 30/1.

The Golf Season in 2016

The first Major of the season commences on April 7 2016 at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club where a select field will vie for that famous Green Jacket. Jason Day closed out the 2015 PGA Championship to earn his first major title and conclude a season that otherwise belonged to the Masters and U.S. Open champion Jordan Spieth. Masters betting predictions abound and pundits are never too early to start picking favorites. Do the experts believe Spieth can turn his historic year into a personal dynasty at golf’s biggest events? Will Rory McIlroy be back at his best to challenge the 22-year-old Texan? And who else is poised to spoil the party for the world’s top two players at Augusta?

The Golf Masters tournament in Augusta has a number of traditions. Since 1949, a green jacket has been awarded to the champion, who must return it to the clubhouse one year after his victory. The jacket remains his personal property although it is stored with other champions’ jackets in a specially designated cloakroom. In most instances, only a first-time and currently reigning champion may remove his jacket from the club grounds. Beginning in 1963, legendary golfers, usually past champions, have hit an honorary tee shot on the morning of the first round to commence play. These have included Fred McLeod, Jock Hutchinson, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Since 1960, a semi-social contest at the par-3 course at Augusta, USA, has been played on Wednesday, the day before the first round.

Golf Betting and Predicting

There are many golf games held throughout the year. Professionals are constantly competing in the ever changing sport. All of the major golf tournaments are perfect for betting purposes. And with the help of online betting offers, all punters can compare odds offered, select the site that suits them best and make astute Masters betting predictions.

The money line bet explained

The Money Line Bet Explained

The money line bet appears to be the simplest type of bet and is definitely one most beginners choose because all it entails is predicting the winner. A slightly more involved bet is the point spread bet where the winner is predicted along with the points that the winner wins by and from there the bets become more complex but not too difficult once they are understood. Continue reading “The money line bet explained”

What an accumulator bet is

Accumulator Bets Explained

An accumulator bet is a type of bet that includes four or more bet selections. In order for the accumulator bet to qualify as an accumulator and win, all of the four or more bet selections chosen on must win. Only then will a pay out occur. It only takes one of the bet selections losing to lose the entire bet but if won, the pay-out is potentially huge.  Continue reading “What an accumulator bet is”

NHL Upsets – Always A Great Opportunity For Sharp Punters.

NHL Upsets

The NHL is the premier Ice Hockey league in North America. The league is made up of teams from both the USA and Canada, and is closely followed by punters from both countries. Over the years there have been a number of great upsets in both games and series which has left a number of clever Canadian punters very much better off than they were before the game. Continue reading “NHL Upsets – Always A Great Opportunity For Sharp Punters.”